donderdag 24 december 2009

Wishing you a very merry Christmas…..


DSC02219  DSC02231     


Some very snowy characters have been detected in my neighborhood .This last one in my own garden!


Some jolly packages  came in straight from the north pole !DSC02266DSC02267


The shopping is done, there’s a Cake in the oven and I’m going to light some candles  so……

I guess it’s time for some Christmas fun!!!   

Greetings and  a very merry Christmas  to all of you !!!

Love Anita.

donderdag 17 december 2009

Back again…..

Somehow I’ve been so busy doing all sorts of things that I just didn’t have the time to do some blogging!!But being back again and checking all you dear blogging people I see I’ve been missing a lot.What a cheerful  Christmas spirit there is in a lot of houses.What jolly things people make and say.yes it’s good to be back!!I’ve done some Christmas decorating my self , so here it is.


Made some angels for the Christmas tree.It’s a dilemma every year(that is to say,it’s one for me)because I like a white and grey decorated tree (Jeanne D’arc style) but the kids and husband like lots of jolly red.I honestly like red as well and we ,years ago had a white decorated tree,that only I liked, after some days I kind of missed a bit of color so added some red to it.That instantly looked a lot brighter.I like the Scandinavian style of decorating , you see that in just white and  jolly red and white.So this year a mix of both!!

PICT0032 PICT0033


The Jeanne D’arc part of decorating,cones as   Adventcalender, as seen in the magazine of J.D.They contain little Lego Items( to  keep it Scandinavian!)to  make a Christmas village.

  DSC02038 DSC02115DSC02040 



The kitchen part….Found some gingerbread cookie cutters and an old glass porridge form in an secondhand shop.DSC02116

The kitchen  wall cabinet  in jolly red style!The Santa’s I made a very long time ago .They are cross-stitched  front and back and sewed on fabric.They are our egg-warmers.

DSC02117 DSC02118 DSC02119

The Hema sold a lot of Scandinavian Christmas items last year.Like these candles and coffee cups  and bowls.


Found some great ribbons and rope  on the Christmas  Fair in Haarzuilens.


A glimpse into the living-room.At the front a jolly red pixie.The original  pixie’s ,made by Maileg are so very nice but not cheap so I made this one my self,It’s an Adventcalender.In every pocket you can put a tiny present.


The Christmas tree ! 


The angel of Love has a place almost at the top….of course.


And there is also an  angel of Joy.


Old Bon Maman creme brulee jars I found second hand.Decorated with ‘follow your dreams’ ribbon.Let that be your goal for the new year!


Red and white presents under the tree.First pic. presents at  front are from Noords (Santa told me).A very Scandinavian ‘web but also showroom’ shop in my neighborhood.


The living-room.I have a new thing in my living-room.My father made a long shelf above the windows.I placed my collection of pineapples on it and a garland.


Close up.



Nature has chosen for white this morning….



So far my Christmas preparations, will keep you informed!

Enjoy these ,also, special days towards Christmas day!!



Guess what, I found a Christmas card with my dear Jackie on it !!!

Lots of greetings from me and hope to see you next time.

Antoinette from Twaatjes diary thanks for your kind words as you can see I’m back again !!

donderdag 19 november 2009



What fun for all ,‘Sinterklaas’ is back.For most people in the world an on none figure but for the Dutch and Belgium kids it means a lot of fun and excitement!!Times of presents,chocolate milk, poems ,fun and joy.And do my kids don’t believe in ‘Sinterklaas’ anymore it still is a very special time of the  year.We’ve  unpacked the ‘Sinterklaas’ box with all the things to give the living room a ‘Sinterklaas’ make-over! DSC01993

The wall cabinet  in the kitchen is filled with my collection  of ‘Sinterklaas’ cups ,plates and lots of more stuff. DSC01994 DSC01995 DSC01998 DSC02000 DSC02001 DSC02002 

And of course the ‘Sinterklaas’books.The first one is an old story but a new book, the second you could call brocante because it’s an old one it’s falling apart as well!    

DSC02007DSC02003DSC02012 DSC01997

Ready for some chocolate milk!


I’ve copied some pictures from a book on transfer paper  and then made these ‘Sinterklaas’cones.There’s a little white bag in it for some candy and some tulle fabric for fun completed  it with a stamped label and a nice ribbon.   




A real tradition in our family,baking ‘speculaas’’ with  freshly made almond paste If you’re ever in Alkmaar and in need of  some baking stuff  there’s a mill called’’het roode hert that sells delicious ecological  flour, herbs,bread  and lots more.


As you can see we’re ready for some baking,!

  Even Jackie is ready, just have to wait ‘til December the fifth!!    


Thanks for reading my blog and hope to see you again!

Greetings, ANITA and JACKIE.