donderdag 28 januari 2010

Lovely Hearts …… It’s almost Valentines day so why not an early post full of Love, lovely hearts…….and some lovely butterflies!

DSC02547 DSC02549   DSC02550

         Did some re-styling and changed the inside of these lanterns that hang in my hallway.The linen  HEARTS I made some time ago.The other two HEARTS I hang on this 'portmanteau’.          DSC02513   

 DSC02514DSC02548DSC02515  DSC02512DSC02531DSC02511   

Last year I made this LOVELY wreath of two kinds of eucalyptus that look a bit like olive leaves.They always tend to loose color after a while,So it was in desperate  need of something new.Because of his large size you need a considerable  amount of greenery that is not exactly cheap and going towards VALENTINES DAY it’s only getting worse with the prices of flowers!!But I was lucky, I found some cheap bunches of Pistache leaves that also have an’ olive look’.Kept the base of the eucalyptus and just added the new branches.So it’s again a LOVELY wreath!

……..I think!


DSC02532 DSC02533 

From some tiny twigs  I made some LOVELY HEARTS.I’m also (trying) to decorate  some HEARTS from old newspaper,stamps and other LOVELY  stuff.





Every Wednesday I help an very nice old lady(almost 90)in her house(still living on her own).She can tell some very LOVELY stories about bygone days.She and her parents used to have an mercerieshop ,sold fabrics, buttons ,ribbons lace and all the stuff we now collect!Last week she showed  me some old letters and postcards(no LOVELETTERS!).Because she knew I LOVE old things ,she gave me some of the old postcards,In return I scanned and transferred this LOVELY old card with beautiful  girl  on fabric and made her this lavender bag.

DSC02534 DSC02536 DSC02537 



Thanks for reading this hopefully LOVELY post and LOVE to see you again!






donderdag 21 januari 2010

A nice morning after all!

We all have been sick and still tired,tired.tired!Must be the dull and dark weather.I don’t hate winter but four days with cold wind and no sun is no fun at all!But just like the little gift bag on the picture says 'enjoy the simple things ‘and that's what I did today.


Simple and very pleasant to smell is this room spray  from Durance.This is a fresh citrus smell that will brighten every dull day.But they sell more very nice perfumes.They are not the cheapest but the smell last long.



I also like the bottle !!

I made this new corner next to the fire-place.The table comes from another corner in the living-room(which is a bit empty now)but wanted to change something just for fun….still have to fill up the other corner .




Little close-up.

Re- arranged the inside of my cupboard just for fun…DSC02475 DSC02481 DSC02483 DSC02486


It was a very cold morning but I stepped on my bicycle  and went to the second- hand shop to bring some stuff.Wandered if I would actually go into the shop or just deliver the goods and go.I never come outside empty handed !!But you never know maybe it’s my lucky day and I find something nice for my empty corner.Now you must know that one of the things I brought in was a large bag of old magazines and guess  what I came out of the shop with ,the same bag but filled with different magazines!!So much for cleaning out the cupboard and giving space to something else !!It was a large pile of Cote-sud and Cote quest magazines that I just could not resist!



Only two euro’s!!What would you have done !!


I also needed a present and went to the ‘woonstore’ this is a sort of an outlet shop  that sells Braxton.Riviera maison Riverdale and lots more for less money.Found these wire crowns (2.50 euro)and candleholder(3.95euro).A few shops further a saw the same candle for 12.50 Euros!!!!So if you are ever in the neighborhood.You can also visit www.woonoutlet.I’m going to keep these charming items myself!

DSC02495  DSC02497 DSC02498 DSC02496

I wanted some Emma Bridgewater smelly things for my mother –in laws birthday.And a very nice shop in Alkmaar is ‘van goede huize’in the ‘achterstraat.They were very busy re-doing the second floor and was very pleased to hear that they were making a Jeanne 'darc room and are going to sell the magazines and other stuff!


DSC02490 DSC02491  DSC02493

With nice things in my bicycle bag ,wind in my back I very much enjoyed my ride, and guess what…The sun came threw on my way home!


                Many greetings from me and my Jack, hopefully see you next time again.


dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Wishing you……


Cold snow and ice everywhere but……DSC02401       

I wish everyone a warm and cosy  new year !

DSC02406DSC02430DSC02407 DSC02418DSC02431DSC02453 

   Warm hearts, cold feet!!


I still have my little angels lying on a wreath.They’ve had a place in the Christmas tree  but they are still very actual with their new year wishes.

 DSC02460 DSC02461 DSC02462 DSC02463 DSC02464 DSC02459


Found a very old and a bit French  door.Painted it with a chalk paint  and gave it a place on the fireplace.DSC02452


Brought some stuff to the second hand shop(cleaned the attic) and came back with a very funny recipe book.Nice drawings and handwriting always handy to make something nice with.


Fun with a potato recipe book !


A little spring in the house….

DSC02449 DSC02450 DSC02451 



As you can see I’ve already used the recipe paper, so you can’t see the ugly blue pot the Muscari’s are in.

DSC02466            DSC02467                    

And off course there’s only one way to end this post……

With my little friend Jackie…

  Thanks for reading my blog and hope you’ll return again!

Love Anita and Jackie.