dinsdag 29 september 2009

Postcard perfect………..

A nice phrase the English use for a beautiful landscape that would easily fit a postcard.Well this post is far from being perfect but I have something with old postcards and stamps ,and I’ve seen a sweet little postcard perfect shop during my holiday  in the Ardennes in a postcard perfect city.It’s called Durbuy .  I came across the holiday pictures and just had to use these shop pictures.They sold brocante and flowers  and there was a sort of Jeanne Darc Living  atmosphere  inside that I like very much.


Strange enough at home I’m painting  so hard to get my outside wooden bench and table looking as perfect as possible and what do I like the most if I’m in an old village in French or in Belgium? It’s the old ,in terrible state doors and windows!!
PICT0117 PICT0120 PICT0121

Gave myself a little present.I’m fond of stamps, especially the old fashion postcard ones.The Old stuff shop sold this beautiful tin filled with stamps.Just perfect !! DSC01388

   I already had an old postcard stamp that I used for lavender bags but I kind of improved the idea.I packed the postcard bag in tulle fabric, add some dried flowers, ribbons and a little dragonfly or frog to it as a finishing touch.No ,it’s probably not postcard perfect but I love making it ! DSC01387

DSC01386 DSC01379 DSC01378 DSC01377 DSC01376 DSC01387

I’ve changed my ‘Happy Memories’ cabinet,of course with old postcards and lavender.  DSC01393


DSC01398 DSC01397 DSC01396 DSC01395 DSC01404 DSC01394 


The person who designs beautiful things is Tone Finnanger.Her new book is again perfect.I’ve  made three little princesses from her latest book.I did not make the Christmas version but my own white creation with ribbons,lavender and beads. 


DSC01379 DSC01374 DSC01373 DSC01372 DSC01371 DSC01370


Two are waiting  to be crowned but the crowns are sold out !!Just a slight imperfection !



Thanks again for reading my post and see you next time !!!

Greetings and much love from me and Jackie. DSC01400

Don’t you think I’m postcard perfect ????

maandag 21 september 2009

Pumpkins and willows.


I’ve put on,not my dancing shoes, but my all time favorite walking shoes, my Aigles and took a walk and a ride on my bike.Came home with willow branches  and green-white pumpkins.They look like bottles.The willows are soon to be pruned so before that, I did my own pruning.The branches are easy to bend so perfect for  a bit of wreath making !

DSC01343 DSC01342 DSC01341 DSC01340 DSC01339 DSC01338

I find it a bit to early to use orange pumpkins they are really Autumn .About half October when Halloween is almost there ,I usually go out (no not on my broomstick!) for the orange varieties and together with my dear friend Ineke we carve them out and display them during Halloween.We always try to celebrate this ,hopefully this year too!You’ll  be the first to know if we do.Pictures will follow.


But for now it’s green/white looking like a bottle pumpkin time !The green wreath is made of the willows.Together with the wooden heart a  bit autumn  inside.I also found a large green pumpkin at the supermarket.

DSC01349     DSC01348

DSC01352DSC01351 DSC01350  


They also look nice on the table outside with the white heather and white pansy.

DSC01359 DSC01358 DSC01356 DSC01354 DSC01347 DSC01343 DSC01359


Little glimpse of my newly painted table and bench in moose farg paint.This weekend there’s a Groei en bloei pumpkin fair in Burgerbrug(N-H) and the man who sells this fantastic paint will be there.I will be there as well not only for  the nice fair, where they also sell brocante, plants,soaps etc.but also for this paint, my tin is empty so I’m in desperate need  of paint.Think I will go for the 4 litres bucket !!Still have to do two benches and a deckchair!!


Thanks again for reading my blog and see you next time !!

Greetings from Anita and Jackie.