donderdag 28 januari 2010

Lovely Hearts …… It’s almost Valentines day so why not an early post full of Love, lovely hearts…….and some lovely butterflies!

DSC02547 DSC02549   DSC02550

         Did some re-styling and changed the inside of these lanterns that hang in my hallway.The linen  HEARTS I made some time ago.The other two HEARTS I hang on this 'portmanteau’.          DSC02513   

 DSC02514DSC02548DSC02515  DSC02512DSC02531DSC02511   

Last year I made this LOVELY wreath of two kinds of eucalyptus that look a bit like olive leaves.They always tend to loose color after a while,So it was in desperate  need of something new.Because of his large size you need a considerable  amount of greenery that is not exactly cheap and going towards VALENTINES DAY it’s only getting worse with the prices of flowers!!But I was lucky, I found some cheap bunches of Pistache leaves that also have an’ olive look’.Kept the base of the eucalyptus and just added the new branches.So it’s again a LOVELY wreath!

……..I think!


DSC02532 DSC02533 

From some tiny twigs  I made some LOVELY HEARTS.I’m also (trying) to decorate  some HEARTS from old newspaper,stamps and other LOVELY  stuff.





Every Wednesday I help an very nice old lady(almost 90)in her house(still living on her own).She can tell some very LOVELY stories about bygone days.She and her parents used to have an mercerieshop ,sold fabrics, buttons ,ribbons lace and all the stuff we now collect!Last week she showed  me some old letters and postcards(no LOVELETTERS!).Because she knew I LOVE old things ,she gave me some of the old postcards,In return I scanned and transferred this LOVELY old card with beautiful  girl  on fabric and made her this lavender bag.

DSC02534 DSC02536 DSC02537 



Thanks for reading this hopefully LOVELY post and LOVE to see you again!