dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Cheap trick……


Sometimes if you’re lucky you can make something nice out of something  cheap.I found this zinc  plate placed in a serving tray I bought at the Wibra’s for only four euro’s.I removed the wood and kept the zinc plate that can  easily be used as an template.At the Aldi’s I bought a very large natural linen look  cheap tablecloth and together with some textile paint I started stenciling the words on the fabric.And I must say I kind of like the result!


I also painted a brown band and stitched some brown twill tape on the pillows.  


I’ve made two round and two square pillows.While at the Aldi’s I also found a dark brown bench cover .I have this old bench on my attic that sits quite well but the fabric is horrible.I already had a grand foulard spread all over it but since this foulard isn’t all that grand anymore I was in need of something new.So I was very happy when I found this cover.For a few euro’s I have a new bench and a few pillows!  


DSC01555 DSC01519DSC01554

And when I don’t use the template it also looks nice in the living room.   DSC01550 

Something else I made from a tea box bought at the Xenos.I sticked some old newspapers on the box and some rope,postcard and of course some stamps.And I funny old box I have to keep some new stuff in.

DSC01548 DSC01543 DSC01542  DSC01547 DSC01546 DSC01544 DSC01540

  The cheapest way to decorate is with things that come for free.Like this old ‘Jamin’ box that my husband found on his work and of course the Lavender from the garden and the nice cones that you can roll from a simple piece of paper or an old one found somewhere on a flea market  fill it with Lavender and glue or stick some nice things to it. 

This is not the usual picture of Jackie but a little Halloween cake.We are thinking and preparing some funny and scary things for Halloween!!More Halloween next time.DSC01541 

Thanks again for reading my blog and see you next time!!

Greetings, ANITA