woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Halloween preview.

This  Saturday it’s Halloween.We don’t like the scary and strange things  some people do on these days in America(turning your garden in a graveyard!?)but like to do something,like pumpkin carving , baking Halloween cookies and cakes ,mixing witches potions and playing funny games.Decorating the room is also a part of the     festivities.Nothing scary just fun!!Orange isn’t my favorite color but on Halloween it’s quite essential and so is black!


In the webshop of Belle brocante I bought these funny Halloween labels.These cones I made some time ago, just changed the label and added a black paper lace(from the Xenos).


  Also funny to make are these simple lights.Put a light in the(Bon Maman)jam jar,decorate with rope and stick some things like (ivy)leaves,crabapple and acorns under it and of course  a nice label as a finishing touch!

halloween 20

 DSC01815 halloween 5

Last little picture you see the newspaper box I made (last blog) just added some old Halloween pictures to it that I found on the internet ,sticked a little black or white paper lace under it and there’s my scary box!

  DSC01829 DSC01828 DSC01827

 DSC01826       Little Trick or Treat bag made old  linen  and some old Halloween pictures and tranferpaper.     

DSC01829 DSC01828 DSC01827

So far my Halloween things,  next time more creepy, funny stuff!!!,

Greetings from me and from a  creepy Jackie !!