donderdag 27 augustus 2009

The’ Bon Maman’ feeling !


DSC01117DSC01116 DSC01114  

I hope I didn’t keep you in suspense for a very long time after my last post.Of course  no murder has happened in my kitchen .We found a lot of blackberries and to my shed I went looking for my collection of  jars.The jelly making  went all right until accidently one full jar, without lid, felt.The sight looked horrible but tasted ever so sweet!It’s a real family thing for us to find blackberries ,usually by the end of the school holidays.In old clothes ,because they make terrible stains,we fight the blackberriebushes,they scratch and tees us but just like the poem by Mary Cicely Barker(Flower fairies)’you get your troubles well repaid’ because blackberriejelly is simply delicious!

  DSC01078 DSC01076DSC01074


I know what you’re thinking ,you can’ keep jellies and jam like this.You have to store them somewhere dark and cold.Like an old fashioned cellar or in my case a refrigerator.But I had this brief moment of being  in an old French kitchen full of the sweet smell of fresh jelly and old pots and pans!Just like the ‘Bon Maman ‘advertisements.I couldn't resist bringing my storage cupboard in the ‘jellymood’! So I made some ‘sweet’ pictures,you have to image the smell your self !

DSC01093 DSC01092 DSC01089 DSC01087 DSC01086 DSC01084

But back to reality,the jars are all in my refrigerator ,tightly packed because there are quite some .It’s not very romantic but the only way to keep them fresh,and I must honestly say if you use nice looking jars and some jolly adhesive stickers,it does look very sunny in the frig’ !


PICT0269 PICT0270 PICT0271

These are the blackberries from my own garden.It’s only one plant but after the three years it’s now  growing in my garden it has given us enough fruit to make six pots of jelly this year !


Many ‘sweet’ greetings from me and Jackie ! Hope you liked my blogpost and  hope you want to come back some time.Don’t feel obligated to leave a message because I myself read a lot of blogs and don’t always have time to give comments.I feel very honored simply knowing that you have read my blog and want to come back some time !!


No, I’m not using Jackies begging eyes to ask you to visit my blog some time again ,I just like the picture !!!!!!!!