zondag 9 augustus 2009

Fresh vegetables and jam making……..

We live in Alkmaar which is a city but not that very big.It’s surrounded by little villages which still have that ‘country feel’ .Every now and then we visit one of those little villages for our jam and vegetable hunt, fresh from the farmer !Last week we went to Sint Pancras, which is a 10 minutes drive from us,and a nice drive with the bicycle .You see some very nice farmhouses with very large gardens of which we can only dream of!! 


The nice thing of this village is that the people are friendly and always ready for a talk.Some of them, well actually quite some sell  fruit and vegetables in their garden fresh from the vegetable plot.You leave the money in just a jam jar and of you go to the next garden.


My youngest son and I wanted to make fresh tomato soup and some jam,and went for a healthy hunt looking for ingredients to make this.Some very nice people we spoke to ,especially the nice lady that gave us plums, cucumber,and the sweetest cherry tomato's ever for free !!!She even showed us her very nice vegetable garden,and offered my son an ice-cream because of the heat.Where do you find those people these days?If you read this nice lady thanks again !!


Taste the difference,tomato’s fresh and biological, without pesticide.I can honestly say, they were very ,very tasty.

DSC01143 DSC01141 DSC01139 DSC01138 DSC01136 DSC01133


Fresh eggs as well.

DSC01125 DSC01121DSC01123

 DSC01126  DSC01128DSC01127DSC01130       

A healthy basket ….


We made the tomato soup but didn’t find enough fruit for jam.We are going to the  dunes of Egmond aan de zee for some blackberrie   picking.                                                                                          DSC01114          DSC01117                                         

What is this?A murder? I will tell you next time !  

Many greetings from ,ANITA.